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We are a non-profit cultural foundation that designs, manages and implements artistic projects and socio-educative programs. 

In our mission, two relevant needs converge: the relation between art and citizens and the strengthening of the performing arts professional sector.



We work so that all citizens have access to see shows, live experiences, achieve educational tools and to develop their own expressions in the cultural-artistic field. We also promote that national performing arts teachers, specially the new generation, have a democratic access to opportunities regarding specialization, visualization, validation, advertising, circulation and exportation of their creative services.


In the access field, we hope to expand our network, currently present in four regions, so that in the next three years we reach a coverage of six regions along the country.

In the professional development strengthening field, we seek to position ourselves, in the next three years, as a cultural affairs model in an international level and an example of non-precarious and sustainable employability for creators and agents of the artistic and cultural sector.


Action lines

Currently we develop 10 permanent action lines.

  1. Santiago Off International Festival: celebrated each January, in a route of more than a dozen important cultural spaces in downtown and peripheral areas of the city, exhibits a diversity of theater, circus, dance, performances and music shows of Chile and the world.
  2. EXPORT. Internalization Program: representation of national performing arts in relevant fairs, markets and festivals in the international field, in which processes of circulation and exchange are managed.
  3. La Rebelión de las Voces: season of promotion and dissemination focused on dramaturgy and new exponents, with specialized educational activities, dramatized readings of unpublished texts, editorial publishing and linking activities between authors and audiences. Since the last three years La Rebelión de las Voces is made in alliance with the Contemporary European Dramaturgy Meeting – EDEC in which Germany, France, Spain, Croatia, and Austria participate.
  4. Escuela Off: develops permanently educational activities and artistic research with prominent national and international teachers, for specialization of artists, technicians, managers and general audience.
  1. Red Off: implements a collaborative model between room, territorial cultural agents, artists and citizens within the national territory.
  2. Reflexión sectorial (sectoral reflection): different seasonal programs of dialogue and sectorial reflection with the purpose of generating proposals for the modernization and modification of public policy.
  3. Nuevas Audiencias (new audiences): encourages cultural consumption and participation in artistic expressions through programs oriented to secondary school students and meetings with student leaders of the country.
  1. Residencias (residence): currently and in the context of the Cooperative Cultural Organizations Support Program PAOCC, of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Patrimony, we developed a process of creative residence and performing arts scheduling in the dependencies of the Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho.
  2. Coproducciones (co-productions): logistical, economical and management accompanying for the creation of new cultural projects.
  3. Trabajo en Red (networking): currently the Santiago Off Foundation is an active part of important networks of cultural activism present in Chile and Iberian-America. The task of the Foundation is marked by a strong public vocation and the development of each one of its programs seeks to promote networking, collaborative and associative processes, citizen participation, democratization of professional opportunities and the access of culture in our society, highlighting the importance of innovation, experimentation, pluralism and the value of local expressions.