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La Fulana Theater & Management



Claudio Fuentes San Francisco


Founding member of Santiago Off and current president of the board, his management has been highlighted for promoting national and international alliances, protecting the artistic impact of the project and generating a collaborative and decentralized working model.

Actor by profession, with an extensive career as a theatrical director and playwright, mainly with his company La Fulana Teatro with which he has staged more than ten plays participating in various art circuits and festivals of Chile and the world. His last staging was “La Señora Schmitz” in collaboration with the swiss author Lukas Bärfuss, premiered at the FIBA (Buenos Aires International Festival) 2019.

During the last years he has developed a strong international management in favor of the Foundation, relating in important Iberian-American networks and participating as an agent of national performing arts in multiple cultural occasions of Latin-America and Europe.


Carla Valles Martínez

Management and Content Director

Founding member of Santiago Off and La Fulana Teatro & Gestion Company, since the year 2012, she has developed contents, curatorial lines and program designs of the Foundation, consolidating the raising of various public and private funds. 

Cultural manager, graduated in Social Economy, actress and playwright with two publications and writing projects in Uruguay, Mexico and Argentina. Has collaborated in the process of emblematic projects of other institutions like the inaugural exhibition of the GAM performing arts library, “Poetas del Espacio. Arte de crear un entorno” for which she was the curator and researcher, and “ChileActua”, bicentennial project of the Research and Archive Program of the UC theatrical scene. 

Has represented the Foundation in multiple international occasions and currently she is an active member of the Euro-Latin American Network of Performing Arts REDELAE as an antenna of Santiago Off.   


Lola Torrealba Millar

Escuela Off Director

Founding member of Santiago Off and director of its educational area since 2012, has created the design and production of Escuela Off, consolidating it as an innovator model of artistic specialization and management.

Art graduate, actress, teacher and cultural manager, has dedicated a great part of her career in the area of vocal expression education and management of educational processes and research related to performing arts. She is part of the historical spreading and Latin-American fusion music band Alameda Memoria directed by Felipe Sandoval with whom she has recorded 2 records: Cantata por Clotario Blest (2018) and Menéndez, auge y caída del rey de la Patagonia (2019).

As part of the board of Santiago Off, she has visited various performing arts platforms in Latin-America supporting the dissemination and internationalization of national creators. 

She is a representative of the foundation in the Red Danza Sur.


Lola Torrealba

Ana Silva Wood

Production Director

Founding member of Santiago Off and production director since the year 2012, develops the logistical and operational design of the implementation of our permanent programs, standing out in her planning to generate a special bond with the territories and promoting decentralized management. 

She is a professional actress and teacher with vocal specialization studies with Annie Murath, Paula Molinari from Brazil and Se-rock Park German/Japanese.

As a producer and actress of “La Fulana Teatro & Gestión” she did the general production of “El Séptimo Urbano” and “Say no More” with more than 7 theater seasons, several national itineraries and performances in an independent circuit of Europe and Argentina. Besides, she coordinated the administration and scheduling of the Tennyson Ferrada Room during two years of artistic residence of the company and parallelly participated in the management of the Corporación Cultural La Casa Rodante and its independent room for 3 years, standing out as an actress in many of their staging.



Daniela Venegas Paredes

Board of Directors Member

Founding member of Santiago Off, she has been linked to various management and production roles in the permanent programs of the foundation, representing them in both national and international occasions. 

Actress, theater graduate, Master’s Degree on touristic management of natural and cultural resources of the Universidad Carlos III Madrid. Postgraduate Diploma in education for sustainable development. With experience in the development and execution of projects both in the cultural field and environmental field.

Rodolfo Castro Silva

Board of Directors Member

Member of the board since March 2020, collaborating besides with the audiovisual content area of the foundation through his film production company.

Film-maker, Film and TV graduate of the Universidad Arcis, he has developed mainly as a producer, director of photography and editor in various audiovisual projects such as the full-length film El Pejesapo or the documentary series “Nacidos en Chile”, with vast experience in audiovisual recording and editing for TV and cultural documentaries. 

Franco Solari Acevedo

Board of Directors Member

Member of the board since March 2020 and permanent collaborator of projects related to the foundation and “La fulana Teatro & Gestión” company, among which stand out the artistic residence that took place on 2019 in London in which he had the opportunity to collaborate with the composer Darren James Clark. Tripartite project between Icon Theater (UK), Lendias de Encantar (Portugal) and La Fulana Teatro (Chile).

Musician and song writer by trade, with studies in performing arts, advertising and literature. Has been part of different blues, rock n roll and hard rock bands such as La Curda, Los Quiltros and La Desgracia with one album released. 

Has produced various historical and cultural touristic projects in Yungay, Lastarria and Bellavista neighborhoods, as well as in Santiago’s Historical Downtown and Valparaíso.

We are a non-profit cultural foundation that designs, manages and implements artistic projects and socio-educative programs. 

In our mission, two relevant needs converge: the relation between art and citizens and the strengthening of the performing arts professional sector.


We work so that all citizens have access to see shows, live experiences, achieve educational tools and to develop their own expressions in the cultural-artistic field. We also promote that national performing arts teachers, specially the new generation, have a democratic access to opportunities regarding specialization, visualization, validation, advertising, circulation and exportation of their creative services.

La Fulana Teatro & Gestión.

La Fulana

La Fulana Teatro is founded in the year 2005 with the premier of its first staging, developed through a field work investigation process throughout different territories both local and foreign, appreciating the rescue and the rework of typical elements of the popular culture and putting faith, on its creations, in the poetic of the collective festivity, delving into the construction of social and common codes extracted from the social and collective memory. Also, thanks to its multidisciplinary team, includes musical work as another character within the staging. 

Its performances have been presented in important cultural centers and festivals around the country such as Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Matucana 100, Anfiteatro Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Galpón 7, Teatro Nacional Chileno, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Temporales Teatrales de Puerto Montt, FETEX, Bio Bio Teatro Abierto, among others, in addition to itinerancies in multiple national regions.

In an international level the company has developed theatrical seasons in Teatrè Alhep from Paris, Casa Intercultural RAI from Barcelona, Casona Iluminada ILU Buenos Aires, San Pietro Vincolli Torino, and participated in festival of Mexico and Portugal.

Currently it is developing its project 2019-2020 “Hartazgo” in collaboration with Icon Theater (UK) and Lendias de Encantar (Portugal) for which a first phase of creative residence was done in London during 2019 and plans a second phase of theatrical experimentation in Balearic Islands in 2021 with the collaboration of the spanish company T-shock Cultura Emocional.

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