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My Territory Collection

Audiovisual creations with performing artists from the regions of Atacama, Bío Bio and Los Lagos, where the territory, the landscape and the creativity of their artists becomes image, movement and speech.

My Territory Collection


Entre el Sol y la Tierra is a play that connects the art of cinema and dance through the performance of LORETO OYARZÚN, the painting of MILENKO BOGDANIC and the music of the Argentinian sound artist PAULA ACUÑA ZUSTOVICH aka Minicomponente, with an experimentation in the relationship of human beings with nature. The play explores states between the body and nature that adhere and blend through colors, shapes, textures, sounds and movements that the image experiments by water and sunlight motion. Deepening in the dialogue between the body and different ecosystems that cohabit the province of Copiapó, in the Atacama Region.

Their creators, BÁRBARA PESTAN and JAVIERA VÉLIZ, motivated by creating quality, diverse and experimental cinema, narrative and/or formal, that believes in art as an experience able to immerse the spectator noticeably, to reflect about different contemporary issues, created in the year 2011 the film production company POCILGA. Their most recent work “Vivir Ahí…”  was awarded at Cinéma du Réel, a recognized documentary festival in France. 


Production: PocilgaCine
Original Idea: Milenko Bogdanic, Barbara Pestan, Javiera Véliz
Performer: Loreto Oyarzún
Performing Director: Barbara Pestan Florás
Camera: Javiera Véliz
Body Painting: Milenko Bogdanic
Location Production: Ercio Mettifogo
Music and Sound Design: Paula Acuña Zustovich
Script and Postproduction: PocilgaCine



Jacqueline tells the story of Tomás, a court clerk from the 11º criminal court that comes across the lawsuit Nº2681, the lawsuit of Jacqueline Drouilly Yurich, who was detained on the 30th of October of the year 1974 by government agents. Starting from this discovery a story is build that revolves around the date of the detention, and a question wonders around: Is fairness impossible?


Play directed by VERONICA ARELLANO, director of the COLECTIVO EL DESEO and co-founder of the company TIERRA HÚMEDA along with Álvaro Facuse and Rafael Silva. Currently she’s a producer and media and communication manager at the Festival Internacional Nómade (FIIN), a festival created by Tierra Húmeda. The play “Jacqueline” seeks to find a poetic language that fusions acting, dance and the cinematographic language involved in a fictional story and inspired by Jacqueline Drouilly. In addition to the members of COLECTIVO EL DESEO, the play considers the participation of artists belonging to TIERRA HÚMEDA company, all residents of the city of Puerto Montt. 



Director, screenwriter, and choreographer: Verónica Arellano.
Camera and Editing: Felipe Novoa.
Art Director: Alonso Escobar.
Music Composition: Victor Oyarzo.
Production: Marlene Rodríguez.
Performers: Jorge Ferrada, Carolina Contreras, Rafael Silva, Álvaro Facuse, Alfredo Castro, Sibbil Sibiabre, Eliana Antar, Julia Bjorkstrom. 



My Territory Collection
My Territory Collection


Y escaparon del peso de la oscuridad, is a contemporary dance play co-created by ESCÉNICA EN MOVIMIENTO and directed by the Danish choreographer Thomas Bentin. This contemporary dance and language play deals with that essential heartbeat of human beings searching for a sense of life and happiness in a rigid and every day more hostile society. Simple in its staging, but complex in its stage display, the play has four performers giving content to the space and intervening the landscape of the city of Concepción, giving color and texture to the journey that this play invites. It’s through cycles and moments that one realizes the diverse experiences of being, making visible the tinges when we relate with our peers within the neoliberal scheme.      

The choreographer Thomas Bentín is who directs the dance company Escénica en Movimiento, which is part of the cultural center with the same name, and it’s the center of activities to their creation area. Formed by a group of dancers from Concepción who, from their territory, seek to expand the sensitivity of the discipline towards other communities and to be a circulation and artistic mediation platform through the exploration of different techniques, crossing between disciplines, stage mechanisms, promoting collective work.

Originated as a company in the year 2013, has toured with its four plays along Chile, Brazil, and Spain.  


Idea y Direction: Thomas Bentin.
Assistant Director: Maripaz Briones
Performers: Darwin Elso, Maripaz Briones, Cristóbal Santa María y María José Bretti.
Recording and Video Editing: Ciénaga Comunicaciones
General Production: Escénica en Movimiento