Postulation SANTIAGO OFF 2023

Applications for the Santiago Off 2023 International Festival will be available until October 31 through the OnLine form of the Groovelist platform. National and international assemblies are invited in face-to-face and/or digital format, as well as for musical projects.

The Festival will be held from January 19 to 28, 2023 in a mixed format, with digital and face-to-face activities in different cultural spaces in Santiago and the rest of the country.

Those national and international companies that have professional and emerging performing arts shows (theater, dance, circus arts, interdisciplinary, performance) and music, focused on artistic renewal and that are interested in being part of the meeting can apply either in room format, street, interventions on public roads and audiovisual formats.

As for the 2022 version, the Festival will have 5 application categories:

1- National Performing Arts – FACE-TO-FACE FORMAT

2- International Performing Arts – FACE-TO-FACE FORMAT

3- National Proposals – DIGITAL FORMAT

4- International Proposals – DIGITAL FORMAT


Remaining firm with its mission, Santiago Off is once again committed to the scenic avant-garde, the decentralization of the arts, the generation of new cultural spaces for the community, the creation of opportunities for emerging groups, and the reunion and activation of cultural manifestations; as well as the promotion of associativity and collaboration within the artistic community and the spaces where the Festival takes place.

For the 2023 version, contingent content will be surveyed, proposing instances of reflection between art and citizenship, with an emphasis on issues related to the enhancement of memory, human rights and the contemporary review of the social processes that have been developed in the past. last 50 years (1973 – 2023)

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