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Stage Avant-Garde


Five national plays transformed into audiovisual recordings, of different formats, in different spaces, from diverse disciplines but with recognizable authorships and unique poetics.

Stage Avant-Garde Collection


A group of actors along with a guest citizen from Iquique, narrate through different scenes based on oral stories: moments, stories and traditions of the past of the inhabitants of Península Cavancha of Iquique from the beginning of the 20th century. Doing a metaphor to the title of each scene with a culinary preparation, the play invites us to laugh and reflect on the identity of an essential neighborhood of the city of Iquique.

The company has dedicated to the rescue of the national playwriting and the discovery and development of a New Local Playwriting. Reflecting on the regional identity, triggers them to explore new staging possibilities in a visual, themed and political way, becoming the company that presented the “iquiqueñismo” in its creations. 


Playwriting: Daniela Cápona
Direction: Jaime Guzmán Brantes
Performers: Ibis Brantes, Gonzalo Canelo, Francisca Gajardo, Sol Salgado
Stage Design: Koke Vélis
Production: Lapachateatro
Technical Assistance: Yoan Welsch, Magglio Inostroza




Recording of the one-person works of Escenafísica, where they explore corporeal voice, motion musicality, bases of stage design, body playwriting, stage creation and composition. In these works, the guidelines of body action are carried out, the mechanic, the technique, poetic and esthetic grammar, developed from the roots that postulated Etienne Decroux (1898-1991). The one-person works in order of appearance are:

-“Más que un carpintero” Bastián Saavedra
-“Ángel de la muerte” Gabriela Fuenzalida
-“Aquel día D” Mauro Reyes
-“Flaco Fitness” Cristian Fontana
-“Des con posición” Gabriela Fuenzalida
-“El príncipe Negro” Aaron Gray Igor
-“Colapsada – Mente” Natalia de la Paz.


Escenafísica Direction and Exhibition Coordination: Ricardo Gaete
Creator Performers: : Bastián Saavedra, Gabriela Fuenzalida, Mauro Reyes, Cristian Fontana, Gabriela Fuenzalida, Aaron Gray Igor y Natalia de la Paz
Lightning and Technical Operations: Willy Ganga
Sound: Kapui Bobadilla
Exhibition Production: Ester Flores
Recording: Andrés Blanco
Film Editing: Rodolfo Castro


Stage Avant-Garde Collection
Stage Avant-Garde Collection


Co-production: LA PATRIÓTICO INTERESANTE Santiago, FUNDACIÓN TRANSHUMANTES (Temuco), GRUPO DE TEATRO EL KATANGO (Bariloche). With the support of IBERECENA Iberian-American cooperation program for Performing Arts.

Dissemination collaboration: residents and documentary recording calling of the Santiago Off Foundation through Hilsfond, Cine Arte Alameda (Chile), Art Department – UNICEN of the Universidad de la Provincia de Argentina, Universidad de Río Negro, 6th Jolgorio Bariloche Festival, Municipality of San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina) and Municipality of La Pintana and Corporación Cultural La Pintana.

Poetic and historical journey about the relation between the Mapuche native people with the colonist, that exposes the trickery and humiliations that the Mapuche have historically suffered, not just by the Chilean state and economic groups interested in their territory, but also by a big part of the population, that despising their traditions and physical features, they have mocked them or transform them into cheap souvenir products for tourists. 

Documentary recording of the mobile show with a great display of actors and dancers, impressive images, frenetic and outrageous action, that invites the audience to participate and think over. 

Carried out in the framework of a Creation-workshop with more than 40 guest artists in residence. 

Playwriting: Ignacio Achurra Díaz
Playwriting research of the re-staging: Lorena Cañuqueo, Miriam Álvarez, Andrea Richards y Álex Córdova.
Direction Team: Dominic Fuentes Loyola, Octavio Navarrete León y Pablo de la Fuente Galvéz.
Composition and Music Direction: Rodrigo Bastidas Díaz

Performers: Alejandra Cofré Jilaberto, Alejandro Núñez Vera, Katherine García Nuñez, Cristóbal Navarro Garay, Alex Córdova Vega, Miriam Alvarez, Lorena Cañuqueo, Francisco Díaz Pacheco, Lorenza Aillapan, plus artists invited in residency.
Musicians: Gonzalo Bastidas Díaz, Andrés Hanus Becerra y Rodrigo Bastidas Díaz
Design Director: Pablo de la Fuente Gálvez
Content and Territorial Production Consultant: Miriam Álvarez, Lorena Cañuqueo, Andrea Richards.
Executive Production and General Coordination: Katiuska Valenzuela Castilo
General Production: Álex Córdova Vega
Technical Director:  Cristóbal Ramos Pérez
Technical Production and Sound: Paulina Lobos Puebla
Production Assistant: Katherine García Retamal y Paulina Lobos Puebla
Santiago Off Production: Carolina Castro Faúndez
Communications: Héctor Ochoa
Recording: Rodolfo Castro and Andrés Blanco
Film Editing: Rodolfo Castro




Peces Caminando is a video performance, a shoal of five fishes that walk around the desert and coast of Atacama, playing with the actions and stimulations of landscape and space, this time they don´t interact with the people on the streets, they just replicate the movement of the one that goes in front. Thus, the fishes go through places building clearly defined motion sequences, inviting us to think in another way to circulate and to live in these spaces.   



Creation and Direction: Complejo Conejo Collective
Performers: Josefina Cerda Puga, Raúl Riquelme Hernández, Euardo Vásquez, John Álvarez Esparza, Pedro Gramegna
Design and Realization: Complejo Conejo
Sound Universe: Pablo Serey Z
Production: Daniela Leiva
Photograph and Camera: Roberto Lancot
Film Editing: Rodolfo Castro



Stage Avant-Garde Collection
Stage Avant-Garde Collection


SAY NO MORE tries to reflect, through a nameless couple and a cat, about relationships of affection, engagement and the limits that divide the ability to build and the ability to destroy; asking, from the mythic figure of Charly García, how to coexist with the isolation, fears, desires, prejudices, needs, impulses, lights and shadows of another. Since the day that Charly García jumped from the nineth floor of a hotel room in Mendoza, SHE began to leave; HE began to be acquainted with his cat; THE CAT began to get ill; SHE went further and further; HE wanted to kill THE CAT; THE CAT wanted to die; SHE had to come back. THEY, the three of them, will have to learn to say goodbye. 



Playwright: Carla Valles
Director: Claudio Fuentes
Performers: Casandra Day, Agustín Moya y Felipe Rojas 
Live Sound Design: Francisco Moreira
Narrator: Ana María Silva 
Scenography and costumes: Gina Franzani 
Lightning and Sound: Jorge Pericó
Recording: Rodolfo Castro y Andrés Blanco.
Film Editing: Rodolfo Castro.