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Our Internationalization program seeks to promote national performing arts in the world, working in association with public institutions such as ProChile, Imagen País, Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Directorate of Foreign Relations.


EXPORT in the current context of the global pandemic due to Covid-19 and the impossibility of circulating performing arts shows around the world. The idea was born of generating small-format audiovisual portfolios that would allow national artists linked to different areas of stage creation to be made internationally visible, this is how 8 audiovisual capsules of two stage designers and two stage designers are created, of a musician and a musician and a director and a national director, all with very rich aesthetics and creative worlds and with high possibilities of exporting their knowledge or creative services in the short or medium term. In this way, the Santiago Off Foundation renews and enriches the possibilities of making Chile known as a creative country and with performing arts created by professionals trained to share their creative processes around the world.